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DBA [Nome Fantasia].  Doing Business As.

CNPJ /MF [EIN].  Corporate Taxpayer Registration.

ISIC [CNAE - Classificação Nacional de Atividades Econômicas].  United Nations International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities.  Since 1937, the U.S. uses its own Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system, which in 1997 was replaced by the NAICS [North-American Industry Classification System].  It is unfortunate that the U.S. does not follow the United Nations ISIC, insisting in developing its own system. 

Quartile [Q1, Median, Q3].  The sample is sorted and then divided into subgroups by three quartiles. The first quartile (Q1) is the point below which 25% of the observations fall and the point above which 75% of the observations fall. The second quartile (Q2, or Median) is the point below and above which 50% of the observations fall. The third quartile (Q3) is the point below which 75% of the observations fall and above which 25% of the observations fall. The interquartile range is the distance between Q3 and Q1, and the quartile deviation (also called semi-interquartile range) is the interquartile range divided by two, i.e., half the distance between Q3 and Q1. The quartile deviation is used to establish average deviation from the Median.  Quartiles are useful when the sample contains outliers (which distort the estimates of average or mean and standard deviation -- thus making confidence interval for the mean unreliable).

Revenue [Receita Liquida de Vendas].  Net sales.

Gross Profit [Lucro / Prejuizo Bruto].  Revenue less Cost of Sales.

Operating Profit [Lucro / Prejuizo Operacional].  Gross Profit less Operating and Interest Expenses.

Net Profit [Lucro / Prejuizo Liquido].  Net Profit After Provision for Income Taxes.

Total Assets [Ativo Total].

Shareholder's Equity [Patrimonio Liquido].

Gross Profit Margin [%]. Gross Profit / Revenue.

Operating Profit Margin [%].  Operating Profit / Revenue.

Net Profit Margin [%].  Net Profit / Revenue.

Return on Assets [%].  Operating Profit / Total Assets.

Asset Turnover.  Revenue / Total Assets.

Return on Equity [%].  Net Profit / Shareholders' Equity.

Debt/Equity Ratio.  Total Assets less Equity (Liabilities) / Equity.